Historical aerial images were collected with the support of European NMCAs (BEV Austria, DLS Cyprus, Maaamet Estonia, NLS Finland, Kartverket Norway, GI Slovenia), national archives (Italian National Aerial Photo Library) and Universities (Warsaw University of Technology, Poland).

The collected image blocks and ancillary information should support the development, testing and analysis of the following research problems:

  • radiometric equalization

  • automatic aerial triangulation

  • geo-referencing / geo-location of images

  • automatic DSM/DTM generation

  • WWII craters detection

  • multi-temporal analyses

  • land-use land-cover (LULC) map generation

  • etc.

All collected historical aerial images are available for research purposes: to get access to the data, please send an email to mentioning the TIME / EuroSDR benchmark.

The table below summarizes all locations and metadata of the available images.